‘Honorary Angel’ Zac Efron Works Out With VS Models, and It’s Hilarious

With his washboard abs and cut biceps, Zac Efron is one of the buffest actors in Hollywood. So what happens when he enlists Victoria’s Secret models to work out with him in an episode of his YouTube show, Gym Time With Zac Efron? Hilarity — and some seriously tough circuits.

“This week on Gym Time, we have four of the smartest, sweetest and strongest Victoria’s Secret models doing a fast-paced, full-body workout and then to finish it off, we pit the models against each other in a little friendly competition,” Efron tells viewers at the start of the fitness session with Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver and Kelsey Merritt, who all wear sports bra ensembles that show off their six-pack abs.

“Zac’s gonna get his wings today,” Skriver says, before calling him an “honorary Angel.” Not missing a beat, the High School Musical star has a comedic reaction. “I can get wings?” he asks, staring off into the distance longingly. “Yes!”

After the Greatest Showman star, 31, introduces trainer John Gains, the intense sweating begins with HIIT circuits. In the first, one person out of the four models and Efron does skier rows on a cable pull machine for 20 seconds while the others do elevated crunches, reaching a medicine ball up to raised feet. The Russian twist variation is then introduced, which sees each person keeping their legs in the air, while touching the medicine ball down repeatedly on either side of their body.

“You guys gonna show me some moves so I can get a Victoria’s Secret body?” Efron — who does the entire workout still wearing the boot from his surgery following a ski injury this winter — asks the group. Replies Sampaio, “It’s all about the booty. It’s all about the booty.”

In the second circuit, which involves 30 seconds of intense activity followed by 30 seconds of rest, everyone in the group does alternating arms on a set of ropes, pistol squats, pull-up rows, sumo squats with a kettlebell and dumbbell squats into curls. “Without traditional cardio, we can get a lot of work done in a short time,” the pro explains.

After the rigorous exercise regimen, Efron introduces an obstacle course called Basketball Relay in which the models race each other, in teams of two, to the finish. After sinking a basket, each VS star has to do what the actor calls the “50-meter plank walk of death” with sliding discs under their feet, then race back to the hoop and sink another shot.

While there are plenty of effective workout tips in the video, the best part, perhaps, is the Neighbors actor asking the ladies a question and getting laughed at. “After you guys get like 10 deep breaths, do you feel the endorphins kick in in the back of your head [too],” he says. Saying “no,” they all start laughing. A saddened Efron asks, “Really?” and the video fades away.

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