Kate Walsh Shows Us Her No-Sweat Way to Get a Great Booty

When it comes to fitness, Kate Walsh knows exactly how to get her body in the shape she wants — especially her butt. Her secret? The toning exercise class Ballet Beautiful.

“My stylist recommended it,” the Private Practice alum, 51, tells Us. “It’s so Hollywood, but she’s like, ‘If you want to keep that butt up, go to Ballet Beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘Got it, done.’ It’s in my best interest.”

Walsh began going to the model-beloved studio, founded by professional dancer Mary Helen Bowers, a few months ago — after she had hip replacement surgery. “I had a hip replacement seven months ago and it’s amazing,” Walsh tells Us of how the NYC-based class helped her recovery. “Just the movements in this workout particularly are so hip-opening, hip-centric.”

Bowers — who has trained other celebrities, including Natalie Portman for Black Swan — agrees. With her barre-based workout, she tells Us, “you’re building strength without overtaxing the body. You don’t have to punish your body to have a great workout.” With some adjustments, the low-impact routine is also a good pregnancy workout, both pre- and post-natal, says the pro.

For the ever-youthful Walsh — whose latest show, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, began streaming February 15 — it comes in handy that the moves can be done on-the-go. “I love, first of all, how portable it is,” the former Grey’s Anatomy actress tells Us. “So if I’m on location or anywhere I can either do Skype or click online and find a workout. There are lots of different workouts, so if you want to target one particular area of your body, you can do that, or you can do a full workout.”

It’s also an easy fitness regimen to break up into segments, which is great for the busy star, who recently added a hyaluronic acid-infused Hand & Body Créme to her Boyfriend perfume line. “You can make it as long or as short as you like, so I love that,” Walsh says of the dance moves. “And my body responds very quickly to the work — I don’t have to do a ton before my body responds and kind of really tightens up.”

Grab onto a kitchen counter, the back of a couch or even a wall — and try 15 minutes of these leg, booty and core strengthening moves now! Says Bowers, “Life is busy, so we try to give our clients as much flexibility as possible.”

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