Kim K Shows Simple, Killer Move That Makes the StairMaster Harder

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian Opens a New Window. is always difficult — especially at the gym! The reality star has long been a proponent of working out, and ever since she began training with Melissa Alcantara, she’s been cataloging their intense — and ever-changing — fitness sessions on Instagram.

On Monday, April 1, the 38-year-old KKW Beauty founder posted an Instagram Story boomerang that showed her feet repeatedly climbing a StairMaster. But there was a twist: Around the makeup mogul’s black yoga pants-clad thighs was a bright green resistance band. A further look showed that there were also weights strapped around both her ankles. “As if the stair master isn’t bad enough” she wrote over the photo, adding an eye rolling emoji.

Both the resistance band and the weights would make it much more difficult to continue taking steps, while fatiguing and breaking down the muscles in order to strengthen them.

Previously, the mom of three with husband Kanye West Opens a New Window. has posted videos of her shoulders, abs and cardio days Opens a New Window. with Alcantara. One Instagram Story about her quad workouts showed Kardashian doing close-stance leg presses, quad squats and dynamic jump squats at 6 a.m. “In the morning she’s up, she’s with it, she knows what’s gonna happen and it’s literally obviously the first thing she does in the day, and the rest of her day just goes smoothly,” Alcantara told Us Opens a New Window. in January of the star’s preference for pre-dawn workouts.

While Kardashian had previously focused on the number on the scale, she started doing more strength training Opens a New Window. in 2017 about a year and half after giving birth to son Saint so she could tone her muscles while keeping her curves, a source told Us at the time. To help her with the task, she found bodybuilder Alcantara on Instagram and reached out to see if she would train her! As Kardashian has explained, “She had an amazing transformation after she had a baby.”

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