Kylie Jenner’s Throwback Photos of Her First Birthday Are a Reminder of the Simple Joy of Kids’ Parties in the ‘90s

The 1990s were a simpler time. We took pictures and had to wait for them to be developed. We called our friends on their home lines to chat about our favorite boy bands. We watched Saturday morning cartoons and went roller skating and wore as many butterfly clips as could possibly fit in our hair. And when it was time to celebrate our birthdays, our parents bought or made the biggest cake they could, invited all our friends, and relished in the simple chaos that comes from a bunch of kids getting together at once. As a fellow ‘90s baby, Kylie Jenner got to experience the same type of awesome birthday party when she turned 1 — and she just shared the cutest photos of the day.

“August 10th 1998 🦋 my 1st birthday party 🥹🤍🤍,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder captioned a post on Instagram yesterday in honor of her 25th birthday, along with several photos of the day that are filled with sweet nostalgia.

In the first photo, a 1-year-old Kylie is dressed in a simple white onesie and playing with a balloon. Her mom Kris Jenner is in the picture, presenting Kylie with a bouquet of colorful balloons. She’s holding a key ring teether as she admires the birthday balloons.

The next picture is another shot of the balloons, complete with a pink flower power balloon, butterfly balloons, and a Mickey Mouse balloon. Kylie is off-center and out-of-focus in the shot, which is a far cry from the perfectly posed, stylized, and edited pictures that she posts now.

The third photo in the carousel is her cake, and it is so cute! She had a Tweety bird cake surrounded with colorful daisies and the words, “Happy 1st birthday Kylie” written in pink. She even had matching party harts and plates with Tweety bird. Next is a picture of a long table, covered in the Tweety bird print tablecloth. Each plastic chair is set with a plate, party hat, and napkin in the same print, with balloons tied to the backs of the chairs. The outdoor party was so cute, so fun, and exactly perfect for a 1-year-old who won’t even remember it!

The last photo in the carousel is a throwback of Kylie with Kris. She’s wearing a party dress with the party hat on, and Kris is smiling. Kris also shared throwback photos of Kylie to Instagram yesterday.

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The Kardashians are known for their extravagant kids’ birthday parties. Kim Kardashian recently hosted “Camp North” for her daughter North West’s 9th birthday. And for Kylie’s daughter Stormi’s 3rd birthday in February 2021, she had a princess-themed party with a food truck, castle décor, a custom candy shop, and more. That’s fine, but still — there’s something so refreshing about Kylie’s ‘90s-style birthday party. It gets to the heart of what kids really want: a simple celebration with their closest friends, delicious cake, and tons of time to play freely without too much adult intervention.

Kylie shared photos of her 25th birthday celebrations yesterday, complete with a white sparkly dress and fireworks, and it’s safe to say it’s a much different vibe than her first party. Maybe she’ll bring Tweety bird back for her baby boy’s first birthday in February. Parents are tired — can we let this year be one filled with party hats, paper napkins, plastic chairs, and the simplicity of a chill, ‘90s style birthday party? (Hey, we can dream, right?)

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