Princess Charlotte Reportedly ‘Loves’ To Do This One Activity That’s Straight From Our Childhoods

Despite their official royal duties — like attending formal events and tv show sets with their parents Prince William and Kate Middleton — the royal kids are still just regular kids. In fact, Princess Charlotte, 7, and her brothers Prince George, 9, and Prince Louis, 4, like going to the trampoline park and watching sporting events just like your kids. And a royal insider recently revealed another favorite activity for Charlotte, and it’s reminiscent of our own happy childhoods!

“[Charlotte] loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer,” royal expert Katie Nicholls recently told Entertainment Tonight, per Daily Mail.

She also called the Princess a “tomboy” — a term we don’t particularly love because all kids should be able to play sports, get messy, and have fun without being gendered. With that being said, enjoying the adventurous side of life seems to be something she got from her sporty mom and from the late Princess Diana, who was very athletic with sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

It’s no surprise that Charlotte enjoys a classic childhood activity like climbing trees because her mom doesn’t like to focus on lavish trips or toys (except at Christmas).

“The environment in which you bring up a child is as important as the experiences you engage them with,” Princess Kate told radio host Roman Kemp earlier this month. “It’s not about the number of toys they’ve got or the number of sort of trips that you go on with them. It’s just making sure they have got the right emotional support around them and that comes from the adults in their lives.”

She added, “It’s like building a house and without strong foundations. Without that solid start in life, then those building blocks are much harder to build later on in life.”

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