Sarah Levy Shares Rare New Photo of Baby James

Sarah Levy showed her appreciation for her husband Graham Outerbridge with the sweetest photo of him and their baby James Eugene. On Wednesday, the Schitt’s Creek star shared a rare glimpse of the newborn being cuddled by his dad on their front porch.

“What in the world would we do without you,” Levy wrote on Instagram. “Happy 40th, love you so.”

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In the black-and-white shot, the Distancing Socially producer is dressed casually in a black t-shirt and shorts, while he carefully holds James on his shoulder. The baby, who is named after Levy’s dad Eugene Levy, is propped up — in a good burping position! — and dressed in footsie pajamas. Outerbridge has his hand supporting the baby’s head, which is covered in dark hair like his parents. Outerbridge’s own face is turned close to his newborn son, and he has a look of concentration on his face.

Levy doesn’t say much more about what life has been like at home since they announced James’ arrival on July 5, but we can gather a few clues from her post. First, the fact they are hanging out in the dark outside tells me the baby is probably fussy. I spent many a night outside letting my babies enjoy a nice breeze and fresh air when they were up late crying, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if this is what they were doing too. Also, the burping position could indicate he is gassy (another thing that keeps babies up at night).

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But the most striking part of the post is when Levy reveals how much she needs her husband — she can’t even imagine taking care of a baby without his help. He’s right there with her throughout the lack of sleep, cranky baby, middle-of-the-night outdoor burping moments. Supportive partners are the absolute best, and we love to see that Outerbridge is one!

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