Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Is a Daddy’s Girl in New Photos From the ‘Best Day Ever’ With Alexis Ohanian

As a big sister — and a newly minted 6-year-old! — Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia has a lot going on right now. So, her dad Alexis Ohanian decided to take her out over Labor Day weekend to spend some quality bonding time with his eldest daughter, and it shows how much of a daddy’s girl she is.

“’Papa stop taking a selfie, I’m trying to build,’” the Reddit co-founder captioned a post on Instagram, revealing what his daughter said to him. In the photo, he’s smiling for a selfie while Olympia is utterly focused on painting a wooden box at The Home Depot Kids Workshop. She is wearing a pink dress with an orange apron over it, and she looks like she’s having a lot of fun.

In his post, Ohanian shared that he let Olympia choose what she wanted to do. “I gave Olympia the ‘best day ever’ this weekend, where she could pick whatever she wanted to do,” he explained. “It started with building a microscope. I’m so proud. I love this time with our (NEW) 6 year old.”

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How sweet is that? One person commented, “When a father says a girl can do anything, she becomes a woman that does great things!❤️❤️

“Our kids still have those aprons! Olympia will always remember her special days with Papa,” another person said. Another said, “Future scientist 🤓.”

Ohanian, who also shares newborn daughter Adira with Williams, took Olympia to Home Depot for the first time in August. “The ‘Home Depot trip with Papa’ is a rite of passage — unlike my dad 😏,” he captioned a post on Twitter, adding, “I’ve timed it to a fun Saturday kids building session they host. Jr doesn’t know how good she has it!”

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