Serious illness go unnoticed: Pregnant woman dies on the way to the Altar

It should be the best day for the 30-year-old Jessica, from São Paulo (Brazil). She was ready to come to the Altar and give your fiancé Flavio tied the knot. However, due to a rare disease, she suffered a stroke and died of the consequences.

Previously, the young woman was already seven months pregnant, had complained about neck pain and dizziness. However, you and your family thought that the symptoms would hang with the excitement together. "I was worried. I waited at the Altar, and you came not herein", the fiancée of the deceased, Flavio Gonçalves, the Online Portal &quot portrays;Crescer". "Her cousin came running in, and told me that Jessica sei&quot pass out;, Gonçalves says.

The former fireman took quickly to his fiancée and asked his former colleagues to help him. Jessica was taken to a hospital, but the complexity of the case demanded a transfer in the Pro-Matre Paulista hospital for Pregnant women. There, the daughter of the two, Sophia was rescued, but Jessica was already brain dead. For them, help came too late.

What had happened?

The reason for the sudden death of the 30-Year-old a stroke due to pre-eclampsia was. The is one of the most common causes of maternal mortality in Brazil, writes the Online Portal "Crescer". A pre-eclampsia can occur both during pregnancy and after the birth. Symptoms can pressure high blood, protein in the urine and water retention in the hands, feet and face insert to be.

Those affected also often have headaches, eye flickering, pain in the upper abdomen, or feeling weak and tired. Should these symptoms Pregnant women to determine, it is recommended to see a doctor urgently.

By the pathologically increased blood pressure, it may happen that the mother and the unborn child will no longer be supplied properly. This often lead to organ damage. A stroke can be the result. Pre-eclampsia is diagnosed, early termination of pregnancy is often the only method of therapy. Often this leads to premature births or Emergency caesarean sections.

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