Surprisingly Useful Father's Day Gifts Under $100

When I was a kid, Father’s Day gifts were fairly impractical. I bought my father beer mugs and bright neon shirts — all emblazoned with the words “World’s Best Dad.” (One year, I made him a dried macaroni frame.) But now that you’re helping your own kid pick out a sweet Dad’s Day gift, maybe you’re looking for something a little more modern and actually practical? Well, if you are we’ve got good news: These useful Father’s Day gifts are reasonable, rational and won’t break the bank.

Yup, that’s right: None of these items will put you back more than a hundred bucks.

So before you go out and DIY a personalized Father’s Day gift like, say, a tee with your kid’s baby picture on it — which, by the way, is totally legit — save yourself some time and take a look at these chic and affordable options. They will make Dad think of his thoughtful fam every time he makes his morning coffee, takes a shower or works at his desk.

Raycon Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Most Dad’s love technology. But if the man in your life likes music and machines, you may want to consider buying him these earbuds. They connect seamlessly with Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away!

Raycon wireless Bluetooth headphones, $79.99 at Amazon

Coffee Club Membership

If there’s one thing Dad needs, it’s coffee. It’s been the beverage of choice for parents since, well, since the creation of coffee. But why get a gift card when you can enroll them in a coffee club, like Boca Java’s roast-to-order coffee.

Memberships start at $59.95 at Boca Java

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Yep, bet you weren’t thinking of supporting Dad’s oral hygiene this Father’s Day. But is there anything more surprisingly useful than… the one item he uses twice a day, every day? Gift a brushing upgrade with a snazzy metallic Quip and all its fun features — travel case, brush timer, and magical sticks-to-the-mirror-with-no-visible-support holder.

Quip toothbrush, $40 at Quip

Pistachio Pedestal

If you've got a snacker dad on your hands, this charmingly elegant gift provides a solution to a common pistachio problem — what do you do with all those darn shells? This could work wonders with sunflower or pumpkin seeds too. 

Pistachio pedestal, $48 at UncommonGoods

Jemison Glasses Frames

Felix Gray glasses are lenses that battle your screen — that is, they're formulated to prevent eye strain for those of us working long hours at the computer. We also love how the frames are named after famous folks, such as astronaut Mae Jemison. 

Jemison frames, $95 at Felix Gray

Wren Natural Cleansing Grains

Wait. Dad isn’t still just… washing his face with regular soap, is he? Well, adulthood is calling, and proper skin care is not just for one half of the population. Gift Dad this jar so he too can enjoy a fresh, clean and naturally exfoliated face. 

Cleansing grains three-in-one facial cleanser, $35 at Wren Natural

Krups Coffee Maker

A good, solid coffee maker is a smart gift for any parent, whether they stay home with the kids or have to catch the train at 6 a.m. This bad boy from Krups allows customization — and you can even program two different start times, so Pops can sleep in on the weekend. 

Krups coffee maker, $60 at Target

Leather Charger Rollup

Traveling with electronics is great and all… until you lose the #&*!-ing charger. Enter this monogrammable leather charger rollup. He can keep his chargers sorted and, most important, they're easy to find in his carry-on. 

Leather charger rollup, $49 at Mark & Graham

Air Plant Trio

Air plants are the perfect gift for people who, well, aren't all that great with plants. They require very little care (mist them daily and soak them in warm water once a week), but they help add some whimsy and life to a home or office. This set comes with three plants and three stands, which makes it easy to add them to a desk or a windowsill. 

Air plant trio, $50 at The Sill

Combo Cooler

Any old thing that keeps your drink cool and your hands warm is a winner. This handy cooler, however, takes it a step further. It can fit cans and bottles and also comes with its own lid so you can use the actual cooler as a cup. Nifty. 

Combo cooler, $20 at Swig

On-the-Go Insect Zapper

Whether Dad actually likes to camp or just loves to partake in porch hangs, being outdoors at all in the summertime usually means bugs. Bug zappers can make a difference, especially this cute lil' guy from Stinger. It covers a 400-square-foot area, and it's portable, which means you don't have to permanently install it and it can come along with you on camping trips. 

On-the-Go Insect Zapper, $20 at Stinger

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Even if Dad already has a Bluetooth speaker, he will probably appreciate one that can stand some weather. This speaker can go live in the shower, at the pool, in the backyard and basically everywhere else. 

Swimmer Duo, $60 at Polk Audio

Sole Beach Flips

These are no ordinary flip-flops. These provide both footbed and arch support and actually mold to the wearer’s feet, which you can’t say about your old standbys you paid $10 for. Give Dad a gift that will keep his feet truckin’ on. 

Sole Beach Flips, $36 (and up) at Sole

Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

OK, this is right at the edge of our price range at $100, but it's too amazing to not include. Yes, it looks like the hammer of mighty Thor, but surprise — inside is a 44-item tool set perfect for the handy dad who is also a Marvel fan.

Marvel Thor hammer tool set, $100 at ThinkGeek

Cordless Electric Shaver

Fancy razors are a nice splurge and make a great Father's Day gift. This electric razor is cordless (convenient!) and comfortable to hold and can be used on a dry face as well as one covered in shaving cream. 

Panasonic men's electric razor, $95 at Amazon

Maglite Heavy Duty Flashlight

This super-cool flashlight is water-resistant (and drop-resistant!) and makes a great accompaniment for any dad who likes to hang out where it’s dark and dusty — you know, like a campsite or a man cave.

Maglite heavy-duty flashlight, $25 at Amazon

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