To Be Honest: What Your Kid's Teacher Wishes You Knew

The beginning of the school year always comes with a little excitement — there’s the possibility of new friends, the chance for a fresh start, and the hope that this year is the best year yet. Admittedly, there’s always a little trepidation, too; the return to routines and assignments and lunchroom politics can be hard.

That excitement — and that anxiety — isn’t limited to parents and kids.

In recent years, teachers have had to deal with more than ever. Not only the usual school year challenges, but also the COVID learning loss that has left many kids behind and the infiltration of politics inside the classroom. 

And yet, teachers return to the classroom year after year — for the love of their students and their profession. They are truly the unsung heroes of the educational system, taking on more challenges each year. But they don’t have to face all these challenges on their own. Parents can help — or at least make teachers’ jobs a bit easier, with a little conscientiousness and knowledge.

SheKnows spoke to a few teachers to find out the things they’d really love for parents to know — at the beginning of the school year and beyond — to make the learning year run as smoothly as possible.

Please Remember That Teachers Have Lives Outside of the Classroom

“Parents should know that we have lives, too, and if we don’t respond to their email or text after 4 p.m., it’s probably because we are enjoying time with our family.” – Anonymous, MA.

“We appreciate communication. But please know that we have families too and will normally not respond outside of school hours.” – Erika A., NJ

Every School Year is a Fresh Start

“I never use anybody else’s experiences to pave the way for my own experiences. Every year is a fresh start for my incoming students and their families as well as the same for my girl’s teachers.” – Erica S., NJ

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