Journalists Track Biden’s First 100 Days

Chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed Biden’s first 100 days on WAMU/NPR’s “1A” on Wednesday. She also joined Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Central Time” to talk about why hospitals aren’t cooperating with price transparency requirements.

  • Click here to hear Rovner on WAMU/NPR
  • Read Rovner’s “The Great Undoing: Which of Trump’s Policies Will Biden Reverse?”
  • Click here to hear Rovner on Wisconsin Public Radio

KHN senior correspondent Julie Appleby discussed changes in insurance coverage for covid-19 care on NBC News NOW on Tuesday.

  • Click here to watch Appleby on NBC News NOW
  • Read Appleby’s “Time to Say Goodbye to Some Insurers’ Waivers for Covid Treatment Fees”

California Healthline senior correspondent Anna Maria Barry-Jester discussed how public health leaders in Santa Cruz have faced a year of threats on KGO 810’s “The Chip Franklin Show” on Monday.

  • Click here to hear Barry-Jester on KGO 810
  • Read Barry-Jester’s “‘We’re Coming for You’: For Public Health Officials, a Year of Threats and Menace”

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