43 grams of meat per day: So we need to by 2050 to feed

In the year 2050, probably 10 billion people will live on the earth. But how to get them all in a healthy way tired of it, without ruining the planet? The answer of experts is: a Lot of whole grain products, half a Kilo of fruit and vegetables per day and only a little meat.

About three billion people eat an unhealthy diet: too many calories, sugar, refined carbohydrates and animal products on the table every day. In addition, the food is detrimental to production of the environment, contributes to climate change, species loss and environmental pollution. 37 experts from 16 countries have a tendency of doing therefore think about how you could the growing human population to feed, without even more damage.

First, eat less food had to be thrown away and the production can be more sustainable. But our diet will need to change: the consumption of meat and sugar must be halved, instead, twice as much nuts, fruits and vegetables must be eaten.

To achieve these objectives, the experts recommend to take daily to 2,500 kilo-calories of the following foods to be:

  • 232 Grams Of Whole-Grain Products
  • 50 grams of starch containing vegetables, e.g. potatoes
  • 43 grams of meat, mainly poultry
  • 13 grams of Egg (about one and a half eggs per week)
  • 28 Grams Of Fish
  • 50 Grams Of Legumes
  • 25 Grams Of Soy Products
  • 50 Grams Of Nuts
  • 250 Grams Of Milk Products
  • 300 Grams Of Vegetables
  • 200 Grams Of Fruit
  • About 50 grams of Oils and fats
  • 31 grams of added sugar

Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard University says: "The diet of the world needs to change dramatically. Over 800 million people have too little food, while even more unhealthy diet, which leads to diseases and premature death."

The experts believe that with the above diet, approximately 11 million premature deaths could be annually avoided.