After deaths in the United States: Prefer to VAPE instead of Smoke?

What is in E-cigarettes inside?

An electric cigarette heats the liquid, whose vapour is then inhaled. The liquid usually contains nicotine, the addictive component of tobacco. Some studies suggest that nicotine impairs brain development in people under the age of 25; also in the elderly the brain can take damage.

Other harmful substances of a normal cigarette, such as tar and carbon monoxide, are not present in the electric version. With the steam, however, inhaled small particles that reach the lungs. The U.S. Academy of Sciences said in a report last year from “numerous potentially toxic substances,” including metals such as Nickel and lead, which probably originates from the heating element of the E-cigarette.

Some of the additives are applicable in the food industry as a safe, it evaporates, harm you but may the lungs. The manufacturers offer liquids, called e-Liquids, in various flavors, for example, for young people attractive variants, such as vanilla, biscuit or chocolate.

E-cigarettes are dangerous?

Because electric cigarettes are only about 15 years on the market, there are still no studies on the long-term effects on health. Those who switch from cigarette Smoking to the evaporator, opt for the less toxic Alternative – in it, the scientists are largely in agreement. “Even if the long-term toxicity of E-cigarettes is hard to quantify, there is at least evidence that it is significantly lower than in traditional cigarettes,” said the French Academy of medicine in 2015. The world health organization (WHO) formulated more cautiously: E-cigarettes are Smoking is “probably less toxic” than cigarettes.

E-cigarettes help with Smoking cessation?

A British study published in February in the journal “New England Journal of Medicine” suggests that E-cigarettes better than nicotine patches or chewing gum, to stop Smoking. The WHO warns, however, that this effect was of insufficient evidence.

Why do young people smoke E-cigarettes?

A frequent criticism is that the manufacturers of E-cigarettes tempt with flavors such as gummy bears or caramel young people to consumer who have never smoked before cigarette. You might get so used to the nicotine, and access them later, often to traditional cigarettes, as studies have shown. The protection of the youth was a reason for recently in India, prohibition of E-cigarettes.

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