After stem cell transplant: World’s second HIV Patient is virus-free

In the case of a formerly HIV-positive patients, no viruses are 34 months, according to a special stem cell transplant is more detectable. The reports of doctors from the University College London in the journal “Nature”. The AIDS pathogen is not should return in the coming years, it would be only the second Patient in the world that is considered to be of HIV cured. Nor was it for such a conclusion is still too early to write the British doctors.


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The Patient’s blood picture had been discounted as of the end of the stem cell transplant because he suffered from cancer of the lymph nodes, the Hodgin lymphoma. The special feature is that The stem cell donor has in his possession a very rare Mutation that makes him immune to certain forms of the HI-Virus. Also, the Patient benefited. 16 months after the transplant, he’s off drugs, the multiplication of the HI Virus. In turn, one and a half years later, the pathogen was still with him undetectable.

A similar method of treatment was the first Time in 2007 in Berlin, Germany. The US-American Timothy Brown, who had received because of his leukemia, a bone marrow donation, after the risky surgery to be free of the Virus. He is so far the first and only person who could be cured of HIV infection.

Georg Behrens, President of the German AIDS society, the results are very promising: “This treatment is very experimental, takes us forward but, nevertheless, as it opens up for a limited number of patients new options.”

“The key to HIV cure is not yet discovered”

“The report shows that the cure of the Berlin patient’s HIV was not a singular event, but, in principle, repeatable,” explains Professor Gerd Fätkenheuer, President of the German society for infectiology (DGI) and head of infectious diseases at the University hospital of Cologne. It is of great importance, and the Efforts of researchers to boost the Due to a cure of HIV.”

At the same time, he warned against excessive expectations: “With the stem cell transplant is the key to HIV cure is not yet discovered.” Both of these patients had constituted, therefore, an advanced tumor disease, “in the case of a bone marrow transplant the only Chance of a cure”. The reason for this measure was therefore not the HIV infection itself, but rather the cancer.