Analysis of DNA by stamp – like grandma’s love letters, our origin can decrypt

Genealogical research has become a global business. Earlier the family tree research for the interested party was an expensive affair, or was to expensive of a Hobby. Today, throughout the Church, are stored books and birth registers in databases, which makes the research to the roots much easier. A Hobby for everyone in the genealogy, however, was the first since the paper data, the genetic information, the DNA, as a source of information has been added.

How does it work? The customers send a sample of your genetic material. The markers on the DNA can allow to draw conclusions on the origin. It is even possible unknown related track. Because the major players in the market to build databases containing the genetic information of their clients, and are now so big that you can Connections between Relatives to discover. Such Tests cost about 100 euros per Person. “AncestryDNA” was founded in 2012 and has tested more than ten million people in 30 countries. The company “23andMe” refers to more than five million customers, “FamilyTreeDNA” to two million.

Gilad's Keynote Address – MyHeritage LIVE – November 2018 from MyHeritage on Vimeo.

Valuable Old DNA is deciphered

This year a new type of analysis will be added that will revolutionize the business. So far, we only examined the samples of the Living. The network of links remained to the present limited, if conclusions about the past are possible. Now will be the genotype of the deceased were examined. Gilad Japhet, of the company MyHeritage, the received love letters from his grandmother, who had sealed the envelopes themselves. The envelopes were licked. “Perhaps our ancestors did not have noticed it,” said Japheth at an industry conference, “as you anleckten flaps these stamps and the Envelope, sealed it, your precious DNA.” The new method is not. In the USA the police has sent the envelopes of the Zodiac killer for DNA analysis.

In the case of the personal letters from Relatives you do not need to make a stop. In the end, helps more of any biological Remnant, the man of a Person you associate with.

The key is in the past

For the genealogy of the Old DNA a tremendous boost. Simply said, a sample of historic DNA for the research much more valuable than another sample from the present. Why? We share DNA with our ancestors, but from Generation to Generation, the share will be diluted. In the DNA of our great-great-grandmother of more than six percent remain hardly any thing in Common with the ancestor. Other descendants also share only six percent and do not have to be the same sections, corresponding to the low-cut quantities. That is, it will always find it harder and less likely to be related to, the further one descends into the past.

Someone, however, sends an historical origin-DNA, the research a firm Stand, as you have a 100 percent inheritance from the 19th century. Century. Of this great-great-grandmother, can you identify all of your present-day descendants. The six percent of their DNA are found in Ururomas data. This is not a miracle. The centers of far-flung networks of kin are now in the past.

In comparison to the old methods, in which the Church books and records are evaluated, the DNA research is a further advantage: it is not based on the name equality of the lineage. Here the female line is the track once just as important and easy as the name-giving male. In addition, the real origin is one of the genetic material and not the one that is passed down through files. In this analysis, illegitimate children are as important as legitimate children.

Legally unsatisfactory

Still giant MyHeritage offers the industry’s use of this Service, other companies charge for their services, 400 to 600 US dollars. That is some jump in price for the equity sample, because the DNA is harder to extract. And it is also a company with an uncertain outcome, because it is well possible that the historical sample contains no usable genetic material or perhaps the a foreign Person.

Legally, this is tricky. Dead people have no right to the analysis, in the case of Living it would be different. The companies manage in order that they examine only samples for which the customer is assured that the Person concerned had died. Since the whole business is carried out by Post and Internet form, this insurance is certainly no guarantee that the DNA of Living is examined.

Genetic testing

What is research using DNA ancestor Test can really

A video clip about a Genealogical DNA Test goes viral. The answer to the question “Who am I?” is increasingly becoming a lucrative business. But how accurate are the cost-intensive Gene-analysis?