Austria and Denmark loosening measures – Merkel: still no date for Germany

Your Mouth guard Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian fell Short (ÖVP) and three of his Ministers for the press conference. Behind the protection of walls made of Plexiglas, they announced on Monday the Austrians a multi-part message marked by Confidence, Pride, and worry: The Alpine Republic will begin after Easter gently with the long way from the Corona-crisis back to normality –but at any time the emergency brake, if the Virus spreads yet again. A few hours later, Denmark also announced a Plan for a cautious easing of its measures.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had stressed in a recent Video Podcast, it is not possible to name a date for an end to the measures. On Monday she thanked the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany for the far-reaching compliance with the requirements to contain the Coronavirus. “For this understanding, there is, I would like to say thank you, because the rules are complied with, but the vast majority of people,” she said.

Germany remains in the case of Coronavirus-measures

Merkel reiterated that the government can’t give a specific date for a loosening of restrictions by the Corona pandemic. The measures are up to 19. April has been taken, Merkel said in Berlin on Monday. “It will change nothing.” The health is always paramount. “In any case, it will be a step-by-step approach,” she said. Like this design, then, was not yet decided. With regard to Austria, the Chancellor said: “We need to begin our own Numbers.” Austria had been in the pandemic in Germany “always a step ahead”. Therefore, it is not advised, “now, to talk about a date in Germany”.

In the case of our neighbours to the South, following the Opening of small shops, as well as the construction and garden markets on the 14. April then beginning of may, all the shops, shopping centres and hairdressers to re-open. “We have so far come through the crisis better than most of the other countries,” said Short. Now Vienna will also be at the high of the economy to make their mark.

At the same time, the government made top abundantly clear that the Austrians continue to meet the strict requirements to the required distance would have to keep the output restrictions have been extended until the end of April, the schools to remain until mid-may. Hotels and restaurants may also be expected until the middle of may, that you are allowed to re-open. Events should not take place until the end of June. The Nova Rock Festival has been cancelled, with more than 200,000 visitors now. Wearing a mouth protection, it is also in public transport to duty.

Earlier than, for example, in Germany, in the middle of March was changed the public life in the whole of the Alpine Republic to an emergency operation, had been adopted in the output restrictions. The reward: Anywhere in Europe, the number of new infections are among had declined so drastically, said health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Green). “The first show of strength on our way to success.” In Austria currently more and more are affected with the Coronavirus-infected people healthy than to the lung disease Covid-19.

“The first effort is managed”

The Easter week is preparing but not least, with the usual family celebrations and Meetings of friends. Not to think of this, warned the head of government. “Stay together with the people with whom you’ll be together,” said Short.

Similar signals came in the evening from Copenhagen: After the situation has stabilized in Germanys Northern neighbouring country, wants to be Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to occur after Easter, first of all, in “the first tentative Phase of Opening up,” as she said at a press conference. The means for the Danes: In a first step children nurseries, kindergartens and the lower grades zero to five schools on 15. April, be re-opened.

Lessons from history

Corona is a challenge and a huge opportunity

Previous diseases progress brought humanity a lot of death and Suffering – and in spite of all: civilization. Even now, there are encouraging signs. Where explains the social psychologist Harald Welzer.

The benefit to parents who would get in a home office as a result, more calm, said Frederiksen. Other measures – such as the closure of the borders to Germany, Sweden and Norway, as well as that of Restaurants -, was extended in a breath for another four weeks up to 10. May. And you made it clear that their countrymen prepared should make, that you have to live for months because of the Corona pandemic, with restrictions. This is the largest music festival in Northern Europe, among other things, Because large-scale events up to August remain in Denmark, banned, cancelled the Festival in Roskilde.

Two German neighbouring countries of car, both in the North and in the South, to a cautious, but still a long way back to normality. And not only that: Also the Czech Republic is loosening its restrictive Corona-measures something. The conduct of sports, such as Tennis or Golf will again be allowed, decided that the minority Cabinet of populist ANO and social Democrats on Monday in Prague. In addition, the first shops are allowed to open that had been closed in the fight against the pandemic, including Hobby and hardware stores. At the same time, hygiene rules for the retail sector will be tightened.

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