Coronavirus is currently: Who should now vaccinate?

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The Corona-pandemic dominates our everyday lives and it will do well for a while. In Germany, the Figures of the diseases continue to rise, social contacts are more limited. Now is the time to protect not only themselves, but especially the at-risk group. In this context, reports of a pneumococcal vaccination.

The world according to the Corona

The crisis can be an opportunity – if we do everything right. And lucky to have.

Coronavirus: What is the pneumococcal vaccine brings?

This does not help against the Coronavirus, but can prevent the risk for complications. Pneumococcus can cause pneumonia or Sepsis. The Robert-Koch Institute, writes: “It is also plausible that the pneumococcal vaccine can prevent a bacterial super-infection by Streptococcus pneumoniae in patients with COVID-19.”

But who’s going to get now really to vaccinate? And what you should note currently, when a vaccination into account? To do this, we have spoken with Dr. Thomas Voshaar, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Pneumological clinics (VPK) and head physician at the lung centre at the Bethany hospital in Moers.

Who should be vaccinated and how?

Should the at-risk group now in the current time of the pneumococcal vaccination?

This is being discussed a lot. My answer is: Who is healthy now, and belongs to the risk group of over 60 or have any basic diseases: Yes, you should now be vaccinated, if he’s/they’re healthy.

But I have to see a doctor – is that useful?

No, not at all! No one, really no one should currently go into a doctor’s office to make phone calls without. If you call now and tell us who you are, how old you are and what you diseases, you can arrange with the doctor a little.

Some Doctors do office hours in the evening, or say, I’ll be at home in the past. But it should not in any case someone just because he wants to vaccinate, now in the office hours! No one should go to the doctor when he needs him and if he needs it, then call ahead. Most family doctors have now also a separate office hours for those who have symptoms of any Infection which are wise.

So: stay calm, call the doctor for advice. Knows the medical files of his patients at the best and know how to assess who is in need of a vaccination.

Used source: Dr. Thomas Voshaar, RKI

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