Cytotec caused at birth dangerous side effects?

In Germany, birth doctors use for induction of labor according to media reports, a drug that is not approved in obstetrics. This could lead in some cases to severe complications in mother and child, to the death of babies, reports the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the Bavarian radio. The German society for gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG) confirmed to the German press Agency that the risks were known when the drug Cytotec will prescribed outside of the by the drug authorities approved use. The application will recommended, among other things, of the world health organization (WHO) more.

Cytotec is approved in Germany as a stomach medicine. In the context of their therapeutic freedom, Doctors may use the pill but also as a labor-timer, if they deem it appropriate, and a Pregnant woman has agreed in advance. According to media reports, around half of the German clinics Cytotec used according to a previously unpublished survey conducted by the University of Lübeck.

Experts recommend approved medications

In individual cases, according to the gift of the severity of the brain had been damage due to an Oxygen deficiency of the child. In rare cases, the uterus of the women to be ripped. Several babies in Germany and France are in a dead judge, according to the expert opinion, case reports, and court.

The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) clearly prefer the use of authorised medicinal products in accordance with the respective conditions of admission, said spokesman Maik Pommer, the German press Agency. Because data on the efficacy and tolerability were met. In other applications, this is not often the case. The authority may prohibit the use of the Agent in the birth of medicine due to the therapeutic freedom of the Doctors but.

New is the doubt as to Cytotec not. At the European level with the participation of the BfArM an update of the specialist, it was recommended information. During assessment proceedings, it was repeatedly reported about a uterine tear, which occurred in all cases when applications outside of the marketing authorisation. According to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” and the Bavarian broadcasting, the US food and drug administration, FDA, warns for years before the use of tablets for induction of labor, because it came to deaths.

There are Alternatives to Cytotec

The BfArM 74 reports of Suspected adverse drug reactions in connection with Cytotec in induction of labor were not available until the end of October 2019, said Pommer. Including a death case: A Newborn died four days after birth due to a lung hemorrhage. The mother had been given Cytotec and another preparation (Misodel) on the birth of introduction.

For members of the healing professions of the cases is provided in the case of such a death, however, no reporting obligation in accordance with the regulations of the medicines act. The Numbers could be even higher than it is known to the BfArM. According to the German society for gynecology and obstetrics, there are Alternatives to Cytotec.

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