Death of a child: Doctors are supposed to have killed twins at birth with potassium chloride

In the case of a twin birth, two women doctors were killed and one after the birth of a healthy child, the severe brain damage ill second child with potassium chloride. You’re standing in front of the court. The medics have rejected the allegation of manslaughter at the Berlin district court. “We had no doubts that it is right, what we do,” said a 73-year-old defendant to the start of the process on Tuesday. In the foreground, not the Legal, but the healthy child confessed to have “”.

Fetus or a human being?

The public Prosecutor assumes, that the present chief doctor retired and a 58-year-old Doctor had made the fatal injection during the birth and thus a time to be the legally to have been allowed – it was already a human and not a fetus. With the beginning of the opening of labor, or in the case of a caesarean section with the opening of the Uterus if it were according to the act, to a person, the Prosecutor.

The indictment accuses the Doctors that they would not have deliberately chosen the selective killing of the sick twin in the womb – well before the beginning of the birth. Did you know as an experienced gynecologist, and that you made no abortion more. The targeted killing of an unborn child in the womb is also referred to as Termination. “A Termination of the question, for example, in the case of a late abortion due to medical indication, to prevent a heavily damaged, but already viable child survived the crash,” writes the Federal centre for health education (BZgA). In the case of multiple pregnancies selective Fetocide can be carried out, if a fetus is, for example, seriously ill, and the Survival of other threatened.

To be the incident came in 2010, in a hospital, as the accused to a patient, the in at least 32. Pregnancy have found a week, a cesarean section would be performed. The 58-year-old Doctor said she would have to find a safe path for the second fetus and the mother do not want to compromise. The process is on 29. October continued.

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