Eye flu is threatening. Why you seem to be just with money should be careful – Video

In the Winter, sniffles or coughs constantly someone. What few people know is that the eyes can catch a cold. Symptoms often show up only after several days, is infectious, and the viruses are, however, immediately. FOCUS Online explains how to recognise an eye-flu.

If the eyes are red and itchy, thinking of a conjunctivitis. It can, however, put also an eye-flu. Because flu viruses can infect only the mucous membranes in the nose and throat, the eyes can also be affected. The result is Burning eyes, and swollen conjunctiva.

Many of those Affected also have the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye and sensitive to light. Also, the practice of the corneal haze. In the winter half of the eye has the flu as well as the traditional Influenza infection in high season.

Viruses that are spread via cash

Be transferred to the so-called adenoviruses by smear infection. This means that anyone Who is suffering from eye flu, eye-holds and then from several people and used objects to touch, you can infect others. Especially often it happens on areas that touch a lot of hands – for instance, on door handles, grab handles in the subway, or shared towels. Also cash the disease from spreading. Notes and coins change hands, do it often, the virus.

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Antibiotics are useless

Until symptoms pass, however, usually five to twelve days. Medications can fight the Virus. Eye drops and ointments can relieve the discomfort, however. The disease heals after two to four weeks. In a few cases, it can lead to skin damage to the horn.

To infection prevention: wash hands frequently and to shake hands as a greeting rather do without. To make the virus easily, you should RUB in addition, as little as possible with his hands the eyes.