Fat accumulation in the lung favors Asthma

That fat accumulations in the blood vessels the risk of heart problems, is known. Now Australian scientists have found out that similar deposits may also occur in the lungs and this could be one reason that Asthma occurs in Obese more frequently.

So far, it was assumed that Asthma and obstructive lung disease in Obesity by inflammatory processes or additional pressure on the lungs caused. Tissue studies showed that fat deposits could play a role in the pathogenesis of these diseases.

The researchers studied lung tissue samples from 52 deceased with and without Asthma, and were surprised to find in the walls of the Airways fat cells. The collections were associated with the BMI of persons in connection – a higher body weight meant more fat in the lungs.

"We have found that excess fat accumulates in the airway walls, where it takes place and the inflammation in the lung to reinforce scheint", the physiologist Peter Noble from the University of Western Australia said. "We believe that this leads to a thickening of the Airways that restricts the flow of air in and out of the lungs and, at least partially, the Occurrence of symptoms of Asthma could explain."

As the fat deposits in the respiratory contribution due to be incurred, and whether you can weight loss reduce, you do not know, but still. These are questions that should now be used in broader investigations to be clarified.


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