Fitness studios in NRW open, but not all of them stick to the mask duty

Finally back pumps! What is the one of the hairdresser appointment or the day-care centre Opening, the other of a visit to the Fitness Center: Tendon, these enthusiasts had been waiting eagerly in Cologne, the re-opening of your Studio. So bad, that they arrived at midnight to a training session. Starting Monday fitness studios in North Rhine-Westphalia allowed to open again – under certain conditions. Showers remain closed between the devices used must be enough distance. And actually, there is also a mask of duty. Not just popular in a place where it’s all about the breath. So much can be assured: The order office took care of the compliance with the requirements. O-TON MARCO BLEIET “Hammer feeling to be able to just Gas, after 8 weeks. This is just the Best.” O-TON HASSIB-CAN PEKTAS “Is cool and it’s fun, but I also have great concerns.” O-SOUND HANNAH KOHR “totally great, I’m all the time looking forward to it, and I find it to be super great to be back here.” One is glad, after weeks of the break allowed to open, the operator. Around 1000 employees could come alone in this chain of short-time work back.