Ginger tea detoxifies and heals, But while Preparing many make a mistake – Video

The sharp tuber is a true wonder weapon, it helps against colds, but also in the case of motion sickness, migraine and digestive problems. An Ayurveda expert says, what is to be considered in the preparation of ginger tea, so that it can unfold its full effect.

When it comes to prepare ginger water right, most people disagree. You should give the ginger into the already boiling water, or with water and bring to a boil?
An Ayurvedic expert, explains how the classic ginger water works:

You need a Liter of water, in which they cut four approximately five-Millimeter-sized pieces of ginger, and then both together and bring to a boil. Leave it to the boil between 15 and 20 minutes on a low-level simmer.

It is essential to use organic ginger, and the peel of the tuber.

The expert recommends a Ingwerkur in the spring, because you can activate your metabolism.