In the Austrian gastronomy is a non-Smoking as of today, prohibition – these are the penalties in case of violation

After years of struggle, is in Austria’s gastronomy, starting this Friday (1. November) a Smoking ban. In order for a decision of the Parliament will be implemented, against the had only made the right-wing FPÖ. The ban also applies to Shisha and E-cigarettes.

It is not only Local, but all public places where food and drinks are concerned. To fire-festivals, marquees, cinemas and theatres, for example. Gardens with the exception of beer. Also Hotels can be set up in adjoining rooms, designated Smoking areas, in which, however, neither ate nor drank must be.

Smokers who violate the ban, will have to reckon with penalties of up to € 1000. The penalties for owners of 2,000 Euro, in the case of repetition even at 10,000 euros.

Anti-Smoking Campaign

This Spot is under the skin: "Stop Smoking – your pet’s sake!"

High consumption of cigarettes in Austria as a reason for the law

A year is a long time political zig-zag course to the end. In 2015, the former SPÖ-ÖVP decided to establish a government, a ban from 2018. Since the end of 2017, the ruling ÖVP-FPÖ coalition had prevented the entry into force of the ban under pressure from the FPÖ. According to the From the Alliance in may, the ÖVP signaled their readiness, the old rule of 2015 but yet to be implemented.

On the occasion of the act, the high consumption of cigarettes of the Austrians. In the Alpine Republic-wide comparison attack in Europe, especially many women and young people to tobacco. The chamber of Physicians and the cancer had collected a ban for a people more than 880,000 request signatures for a smoke. Finally, the rule was that guests are allowed to smoke in separate rooms.

Up to 250,000 Euro fine

At night, a cigarette on the balcony Smoking? This can be very expensive

Sector: Smoking ban threatened the existence of 500 hookah Bars

Due to the ban on the hookah Bars are chamber according to the findings of the economy, especially in Vienna, many of the Local before the Off. Are affected, according to information from the industry in Austria, about 500 such enterprises with several Thousand employees.

Also, the Austrian railway stations should be until the spring of 2020, the completely smoke-free Zone. Until then, the last of the smoke would rise areas on the railway and in front of the buildings disappear, said a spokeswoman for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

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