Molecular surgery without incisions and scars

Plastic surgery requires cuts, which generate almost always a scar and longer recovery times. Researchers now have a "molecular surgical Verfahren" developed in the tiny needles, electric current, and 3D shapes can be used to fabric design, without cuts move. The technology could even be as a non-invasive Alternative to laser eye surgery suitable.

A new technique for cartilage non-invasively reshaped, could soon be used in plastic surgery for the nose or Ohrkorrekturen used. Current is passed through micro-electrode in the cartilage, makes this malleable.

We tested the method on a rabbit, whose ears are normally upright. The researchers put the ear in a Form, so that it was bent. By using micro needle-by introducing electrodes at the bend in the ear, and power put, was the place of the cartilage at the Bend without damage to formed. After switching Off the current of the cartilage from toughened in shape and kept bending even after Removal of the mold. Normally, you would have to skin and cartilage, cut through the parts in the desired shape. This sometimes leads to the formation of scar tissue that must be removed may be used in subsequent operations. By avoiding a mechanical injury of the cartilage, the technique of molecular surgery, causes no scars and no pain.

"We see this new technology as a cost-effective procedure in local anesthesia wird", Dr. Michael Hill, who will present the results of the ongoing spring meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in New Orleans says. "The entire process would take about five minutes."

Also for the correction of refractive errors, the researchers in animal experiments have achieved promising results by changing the shape of the cornea with technology.


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