My child will be fat? A new Tool should be able to figure this out

Baby fat is cute – but when children are older, to get out the bacon, being Overweight is unhealthy. Wouldn’t it be convenient to know whether a child tends to be Overweight? For Dutch scientists the is apparently no Problem. They identified twelve factors that you should be able to determine whether or not a child will have at the age of ten years, normal weight or tends to Obesity. For 7810 children were involved between ten and twelve years in the study, which was presented at the European Congress on obesity in Glasgow.

The scientists could calculate the probability of being Overweight if the child was not yet a year old, says the study. Most of the factors that speak for or against even before birth. The largest risks lie in whether the mother has Diabetes, and whether the parents smoke. Other key factors, the weight of the mother and of the father, the birth weight of the baby and his growth in the first six months of his life course.

Supervised children are likely to be thick not

The researchers found interesting insights: for Example, children are after their evaluations are less likely to be overweight if they attended in the first months of day care. The back led the scientists to the fact that the care was experienced, and the infants would be less overfed is probable.

Through the examination of all twelve indicators, the researchers can predict to an accuracy of 70%, whether the child will later overweight. However, the model needs to be developed, the scientists say. It is mainly there to warn parents so that they can at an early stage to prevent that your child is thick.

Many health experts support this approach, the Dutch researchers presented now. In General, rates of professionals, expectant parents, but especially to lead before pregnancy a healthy life-style. Because the parents bring with them many of the basic requirements already. Parents should make sure they get enough exercise and a healthy diet before the birth – so at the latest, during pregnancy work to give your child the best possible Start in life.

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