New York: with the crisis, the city revealed your face

The other day we got a post card from Donald Trump, our neighbors, and we. “President Trumps Coronavirus guidelines for America” written on it in bold letters. On the back of the President admonished us to wash home work and hands. He warns, one should not take the Virus too lightly: young people are in danger!

In the hallway I met the neighbor from the second floor. She was angry. Trump was the one to have brought us all in this danger, with its ignorance, she said. Here in Brooklyn, Trump was never popular, therefore their anger surprised me. Who scolds in Brooklyn to Trump, not one of them, in the worst case, you hold it even for a from New Jersey. However, in the anger at Trump, a little afraid of him to interfere now. Fear of his blatant inability to the cost these days of life.

Ailing Superpower

The unprepared States of America as Donald trump’s United States for failure in the crisis

I had to read the card two Times. This should be trump’s words? Well, a month ago, I tweeted Trump still: “died Last year, 37,000 Americans will get the flu. Nothing is made of dense, life and the economy continue to run. Now we have 546 confirmed Coronavirus cases. With 22 Dead. Think about it!”

Calm before the Sturrm

Well a month ago, when I picked up my son from Basketball and a mother told me, you would stock up. The Coronavirus was at the time, arrived in Manhattan, a woman had been infected on a trip to Iran. I have not taken the Concerns of the mother seriously, thought you were one of these überängstlichen doomsday Prepper. The danger seemed far away. Invisible.

Today, the noodle stack with us packs. Today I see almost every morning, the live stream of Governor Andrew Cuomo, of New York, in ever-keener words on their worst days since the 11th. September 2001 prepared. On days where 1000 New Yorkers on the Coronavirus will die. A series of such days. We are living in the calm before the storm.


New York Governor Cuomo: "There are thousands sterben&#034 be;

In this case, the Coronavirus is no invisible danger in New York City. Everyone knows someone who is ill. Many of us know someone who has died. Everyone is talking about it, that it will soon be a lack of hospital beds and ventilators, each of the images has to be seen by people in queues in front of the Corona-testing of tents, the hospitals, everybody has obituaries read by well-known New Yorkers, were the Virus to the victim. The parents Association of the school of my son collects rubber boots and rain jackets for the hospital staff. As an additional protection, in addition to the OP-coats, it says. So pathetic is the Situation in the hospitals in one of the richest cities in the world. And if my wife and I on the road to go to Prospect Park, because we tell ourselves that the children in the apartment by turning (we are), then we arrive at the hospital. The ambulance parked in long rows on the street. In the Parking lot of the tents were pulled up for Corona Tests. The cooling of a long trailer is buzzing. You have him carted off, because there is no space in the morgue.

The danger is no longer invisible

The risk of the Coronavirus is so visible in the city, that we have all become careful. We and our neighbors use it to wipe even the packaging of our purchases with disinfectant wipes. In front of the drugstore, markets, employees, the guards, the fact that only ten customers at the same time sit inside.

At the same time, life goes on. Just different. Every Morning, sit my son in front of the Laptop and learns with his classmates from the second class in video conferences, the teacher my daughter reads on Facetime books and children’s yoga. The streets are empty, the Park is full of joggers and walkers to keep them at a distance.

In the silence now – and the new New York silence I’m not gonna get used to me until the end of the day. The New York state. No elbow fights more places. Instead, the few people who travel now metro apart sitting in a large safety intervals, each careful not to touch anything. They wear masks, a man in the F-line the other day, even snorkeling goggles. All are polite in this crisis, it nods to itself, pass to each other. The hectic city, you learn patience.

Social structures disclosed

Crises such as these define the social structures of a city openly, clearly as an x-ray image. The other day I was riding my bike through Manhattan, in front of Corona-days, it was a nearly suicidal sky travel command. Now, I sometimes felt as if I was between the houses of York Taxis canyons together with the last of the indomitable yellow New alone in this world. I came to the almost orphaned luxury apartment houses on Fifth Avenue.

The Rich people of the city fled to their summer homes. The Mega-Rich by helicopter. The medium-Rich in the SUV. Two weeks ago, their Exodus resulted in a Mega-traffic jam in the Hamptons, for empty supermarkets in the beach communities and overcrowded hospital beds in the Corona-stations. As I drove through Manhattan, I met them, the chains, the poverty of the city, especially Delivery on their electrical bikes and scooters. And the many homeless who walk in the crowd of passers-by on the streets below.

Many foreigners have already left the city. It should now be better in Germany, declared German friends, and traveled a decision four days. The German Consulate General, wrote to us in an e-Mail, it is the rate of German tourists to return urgently. When we read such news, it is also us queasy.

New York is a Promise

And yet, there is not only danger. New York City more than a town, New York is finally a promise. In a time of crisis. Greater than the fear of the Faith of the people that New York City will recover soon from Corona. Finally, as an out of work Broadway-ticket seller in the booth out of habit at his workplace on Times Square, told me to have recovered this town have always been of particular.

To stand here in Times Square, feels spooky these days. I look at all these flashing lights, the applying Shows that no one can see. A world of art, the brutally of the the real world has caught up with, and defiantly just more power.

So as the city has produced.

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