Osteoarthritis: independent for Longer through quick Go

About two out of five people with osteoarthritis in the foot or knee joints develop in the course of their lives with a disability that restricts you in everyday life. There is a simple measure: the Older people with pain in the legs or feet, go to a week for an hour fast, a new study suggests that longer independent.

The researchers found that one hour of Bouncing per week – as you would try to catch a train – older people had the opportunity to do their daily tasks better. The risk of disability was reduced by 85 percent. Difficulties with the morning Routine, such as dressing, were reduced by almost 45 percent.

"Less than ten minutes a day can help to maintain independence. This is really machbar", Dorothy Dunlop, a Professor of preventive medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University said. She hopes that the study will motivate the results of older people to an active lifestyle.

The researchers analyzed four years of data from more than 1,500 adults with osteoarthritis-related pain or stiffness in the joints of the lower extremities. At the beginning of the study, all the participants free of disability. Physical activity was monitored with accelerometers. Without a weekly moderate to vigorous physical activity, 24 percent of adults four years later launched too slowly, in order to make a road safe to cross, and 23 percent reported problems with their morning routine.