Pollen filter up to nose shower: 10 tips that your hay fever relieve

The nose runs, eyes itch: Around 13 million people in Germany suffer from hay fever. Is triggered the allergic rhinitis due to the pollen of trees, shrubs, grasses, cereals and herbs.

Flying Pollen hard to make the lives of many people. What do Allergy now:

Ten valuable tips for Allergy sufferers

1. You do not want to dispense with regular Airing, but with more and more Pollen come in? Close pollen mesh on the Windows to keep the largest part of the back, but due to the reduced exchange of the air must be longer aired.

2. Your clothes will collect the Pollen from the outside, and so you go in the interiors. Better not in the bedroom to take off, because here you will stay in the night hours for a very long time. With the short washing program, they are washed out quickly. Rather then indoors to dry, as hanging the Laundry Outdoors, or hang on to the Pollen.

3. Carpets and upholstered furniture regularly vacuum, with a vacuum cleaner, a Hepa Filter (best in class 14). So the Pollen can’t reach back in the room. Smooth floors wipe periodically wet, otherwise, the Pollen, the dust will be stirred up again and again.

4. To a lot of sports in the Free avoid. During exercise the increased oxygen needs due to mouth breathing, which the respiratory tract is irritating and leads to stronger reactions. After the rain, it often goes better, because the Pollen were washed out of the air””. But be careful: After a lightning storm, it is worse, the Pollen can be pressed close to the ground, and allergens particles are also knocked out of the Pollen out

5. Sunglasses, around the eyes, seal it, protect the eyes from light and Pollen.

6. You waive any Smoking or passive Smoking. The constant irritation of the respiratory tract making the membranes even more vulnerable.

7. Wash your hair before you go to bed, so no Pollen on the pillow.

8. You breathe in as possible through the nose. The fine cilia to filter a portion of the Pollen out. With a nose shower you can take the Pollen out of the nose rinse. Avoid using Nasal ointments, gels, or powder. You can glue the nose hairs, and impair the filter function.

9. Go in their main pollen season in a Region, in which the Pollen does not occur.

10. You spend a lot of time in the car? Then you should set up your car with a pollen filter . Since you want to reset and need to be replaced this Filter once a year, preferably after the pollen season in the fall or Winter.

Sonja Lämmel has been working since 1999 with a diploma in nutritional science expert at the German Allergy and asthma Association in Moenchengladbach, Germany. There she is in individual counseling and developed presentations and training materials. The DAAB is the oldest and, with around 20,000 members and is the largest patient organisation in the field of allergies, Asthma/COPD, eczema, and urticaria.

Pollen Allergy: treatment on four levels

  • Allergen-waiting: The allergen-waiting, so to Avoid the Pollen, is the safest method for the treatment of hay fever. The realization is difficult, however, since the Pollen of kilometers, can fly through the air.
  • Desensitization: Specific immunotherapy is the only treatment method, the cause. The Allergy-free in the classic version, is allergen the Pollen in gradually increasing dosage leads, to make him so against the allergen-resistant. However, it is now also drops or tablets therapy preparations – for intake for home. To the therapy preparations should be used for the effectiveness evidence studies were performed. Desensitization should always be from an allergological experienced doctor.
  • Drugs: The drug treatment serves to alleviate and prevent the symptoms of hay fever and for the treatment of inflammatory mucosal swelling. Mainly used anti-allergic-acting antihistamines and severe allergic reactions weigh-in, anti-inflammatory cortisone preparations, or sometimes a Supplement to your Therapy also leukotriene Receptor antagonists.
  • Supplementary methods: A therapy-accompanying useful measure is the nasal rinsing with isotonic salt solution. With the help of this natural method of proof can be reduced to the need of anti-allergic drugs.