Pregnancy hormone as a therapy for joint diseases?

In an animal study, scientists have used the pregnancy hormone Relaxin for the treatment of shoulder stiffness. Multiple injections loosened the ligaments and the mobility. The researchers hope to be able to the hormone soon also in people who suffer from the pain of joint disease and arthrofibrosis are liable to use.

The scientists administered to animals with painful shoulder stiffness, multiple injections of human Relaxin directly in the affected joint. By the pregnancy hormone their mobility was restored. "Current treatment options for Arthrofibrosis, such as physical therapy and drugs that offer little or temporary relief and not go to the root cause of pain and stiffness ein", Prof. Ara Nazarian of the Harvard Medical School in the United States said.

This is different with Relaxin: The scientists were able to show that the hormone inhibits the excessive production of collagen and scar tissue. Arthro fibrosis occurs mainly at shoulders, knees, hips, wrists and ankles. It is painful and reduces mobility. The cause is an excessive accumulation of scar tissue in the joint, caused by injury, immobility or surgery.

From the first trimester of pregnancy the body produces Relaxin, which loosens the muscles, joints and ligaments of the expectant mother in preparation for birth. Scientists had already observed repeatedly that patients with a painful disease of the joints during and after pregnancy permanent relief learned. The animal experiments suggests that probably the Relaxin is responsible for this phenomenon.


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