RKI-Vizrepräsident Lars what a pity: The epidemic is not at an end

O-Ton Lars, what a pity, RKI-Vice-President: “I would like to say it again clearly. The epidemic is not, of course, to the end. The Virus is still in Germany. We have the Virus is very substantial, I think, pushed back in recent weeks. On a Level that the daily newly reported cases in the order of 1000, between 600 and 1300. 1300, the highest number is now been in this week. And by the weekends, there are always certain catch-up effects. You must observe more. This is, of course, no clear. Furthermore, the health authorities, all levels of the health system, continue to be very vigilant and the Situation will have to watch. Therefore, the call to test much and test sensitive. This is quite clear. So, a clear that does not. It also means a certain degree of risk, to make a further loosening. That is, I think, quite clear. But it is also clear on the other side, that this Virus may not be in Germany eradiziert. This is the opinion of all scientists, that this is not likely to succeed, so that we have to live with this Virus, at the latest, until a vaccine is there. The white but no one, whether and when the comes, or a therapy that you can use may also be for prophylaxis. All of these are the unknown factors that will take on any case, weeks to months. And to find a way to control the Virus, to have this low level and still have social life, that is the approach that has been found, or to be gone now. And I think the warning signs are, of course, been at all drawn up, of the policy and also of the scientists. And must of course be respected.”