School lives of encounter: A Heidelberg high school is to cope with the Opening up with new technology

You can see in the Video: With an interactive disinfection station, a Heidelberg high school wants to make the school opening easier.

The gradual Opening up of schools in the whole of Germany in front of challenges. But it also makes for creativity. At the Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Gymnasium in Heidelberg, headmaster Martin Döpp has something very Special to offer: An interactive disinfection station. The concept is simple: a small dispenser with sensor technology, distributed contactless disinfectant, while a virtual Doctor’s instructions, and background information. The students can choose what they want to be informed. Headmaster Martin Döpp explains but also the problems during re-entry into the classroom: “you can tell what is in the school very important and problematic. School lives of encounter. And to wear a mask, if you can’t keep a distance, not divided in classes, with the entire community together, that is a tremendous challenge for the students, but also for the teachers. And this is not school as we know it. And the endure, to be patient and to know, you have to wait and hope that the Situation calms down and that you get All in the handle, which is not so easy.” The idea of an interactive disinfection station up, came to the school in exchange with parents who mediated a contact to the manufacturer. Currently, only the two graduating classes, students in the emergency care and all of those are allowed to participate in the Heidelberg Gymnasium in the school, the home is no possibility of on-the-Online-teaching. So not too many are in a room, be divided into the classes and via video chat, and a projector connected to each other. The school has already worked for two years at a digital concept. But by the Corona of the time pressure increased. In spite of all the good approaches are: the Corona-crisis will probably remain in all schools, a major challenge for teachers, students and parents.