Several people stuck with illegal barbecue party with Covid-19

After a barbecue party in the district of North Friesland, several people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus is attached. Three of the seven guests were already tested positive, such as the circle press announced in Husum on Monday on request. The results of the others are yet to come. “In the next two weeks will turn out, how big the damage is, the seven people with your barbecue is,” said the head of the circle of health for the North Friesland, Antje Petersen.

The Barbecue was reported on may 19. April in a garden in the southern part of North Frisia in place, the exact place authorities proclaimed. The circle press office stressed that the Barbecue had not been allowed, since the guests would have been several times respects the minimum distance miss and also in any common household living.

All the contact persons now in quarantine

All the guests are now under quarantine while the health Department contact persons identified. “By sheer recklessness of some of the less must now go to a whole range of contact persons in quarantine – including work colleagues and customers,” said Petersen.

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