So Facebook Fake News of Impfgegnern wants to fight in the future

Vaccinations are not effective, made ill, or are nowadays superfluous. These and many other false information spreads on the Internet rapidly. Especially via social media such as Facebook and co. this Fake News to be shared. The Internet group wants to contain it now.

In a message, Facebook has announced that it will meet multiple measures in order to provide Impfgegnern less platform. Not include, inter alia, that groups and public Facebook-proposed sites of opponents and View be rejected with wrong information. Also be corrected to the end of information on the topic of Vaccination offered, if User come with Fake News articles in contact with it.

Fake-News-fighting everywhere

Facebook wants to be based on the approach of the world health organization WHO and the “US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” to detect false information, and to fight better. Content of Impfgegnern should be deleted, as the “New York Times” reported. Therefore, Facebook Users who are, for example, already in the opponents groups member, continue to be content with a potential Fake News to read.

Before YouTube and”Pinterest already met similar measures. Also Instagram has addressed this issue in its user terms and conditions already.

Sources: Facebook, “New York Times”, Robert Koch Institute