Sport better before or after Breakfast?

According to a new study, the Timing of eating and training times plays a big role for the metabolism: Who drives before Breakfast sports, is better able to control his blood sugar levels. The low levels of insulin also leads to about twice as much fat is burnt, as if you have previously had Breakfast. The researchers in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Scientists from the universities of Bath and Birmingham have questioned whether the Sport before or after the Breakfast has different effects on the metabolism. This could be answered in the affirmative, clearly, because, although the participants of both test groups lost both weight and Fitness had won, showed clear differences in the fat combustion and blood sugar control: people who trained before the workout burned twice as much fat as the participants in the group that trained after Breakfast. The researchers attributed the higher fat burning, lower insulin levels during exercise, when the people drove sober Sport.

Dr. Javier Gonzalez of the Department of health at the University of Bath, said: "Our results suggest that a Change in the timing to drive the food and sports, can result in positive changes for your overall health. The group that exercised before Breakfast, improved their ability to respond to Insulin. This is all the more remarkable, since both training groups achieved a similar reduction in weight and a similar level of Fitness. The only difference is the time of food intake was."

The better to Insulin better control of blood sugar levels had to Appeal to, in turn, result in. This can reduce the risk of Diabetes and heart disease. Since this study was only conducted with obese men, check, the scientists are currently, whether in the case of women and other different groups with similar results.