The flu: 5 tips to protect against infection

The most effective strategies against influenza is the annual Influenza vaccination and a thorough hands are surely wash. Experts have, however, offer even more tips on what you can do in order to not to infect.

Flu viruses can survive for up to an hour on hands and on some surfaces even up to two days. Therefore, it is regular washing of hands in addition to the Influenza vaccination and Avoid contact with Sufferers of the most important advice the experts to call again and again, when it comes, to avoid contagion.

But there are still more tips that can help you carefree through the flu season, and not involuntarily, the bed needs to beware of:

  • Have enough sleep: A study from the year 2015 revealed that people in the middle of the night less than six hours of sleep, more prone to colds.
  • Drink tea: in the year 2018 published analysis shows that catechins, found in green tea, the spread of the flu virus in the body can inhibit.
  • Food rich in Vitamin D: While there are not a lot of literature that suggests that Vitamin D the risk of Influenza infection and Transmission reduced. Nevertheless, you can make according to the researchers, nothing wrong if one pays attention to a reasonable diet and adequate Vitamin D intake. Suitable sources are oily fish, dairy products, dietary supplements and sunlight.
  • Smartphones and Tablets disinfect: micro-biologist Charles Gerba explains that cell phones and similar items, easily several times a day germs on other surfaces, procrastinate can. Therefore, he recommends a regular cleaning with a microfiber cloth or a cotton pad.
  • The face do not touch: Even if it is difficult: the eyes, nose and mouth are the main entry points for the influenza virus. Who keeps the hands away from your face distance, reduces the risk of infection.


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