The heart attack risk in half to life: How to keep your heart healthy

250,000 people in Germany suffer each year from a heart attack. Every fourth Patient dies after the collapse. We have it in Hand, to cut in half the risk for a heart attack. The key to our life style.

Our heart is a sensible Organ. It loves, the boredom and the monotony. It hates the fuss and the Excess. We take it by physical Overuse or prolonged psychological stress from his Routine, it will react frantically. We torment the heart and its vessels through cigarette smoke, unhealthy food, Obesity, and immobility, it can refuse the service. Then it comes to a heart attack that hits every year around 250,000 people, and about 50,000 of them to kill.

Those who survived the heart attack, is usually forced to change one’s habits. The same measures could prevent from the outset that it ever comes to a heart attack.

4 simple Lifestyle rules that turn on the heart attack

The cardiologist Helmut Gohlke, a Board member of the German heart Foundation, says: “the one Who adheres to four rules, can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 50 percent. The are regular exercise, control of body weight, not Smoking and a balanced diet.“

The American Heart Association announced in a health campaign seven factors that determine your heart health: Smoking, body weight, sports, nutrition, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. On the basis of these “Life’s Simple 7” to identify the population their weak points, and with the aid of tackle offered.

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“A study has shown that only 0.1 percent of the U.S. citizens are at all points in the optimal area,” says Professor Gohlke. Who shows in five out of seven points, good values, has to die a 78 per cent smaller risk of a heart disease than people who cut off for any factor. These have, rather, a 20 percent higher risk to develop in the next ten years, cardiovascular disease.

These life-style factors keep your heart healthy

Do not smoke!

The nicotine resignation is for cardiologists, the most important heart-protective measure. Nothing damages the blood vessels as directly and quickly as Smoking. From 6 cigarettes a day the heart attack risk doubled in duration, in the case of a box a day, it is quadrupled. And Helmut Gohlke says: “Smoking the heart to age faster. Those who smoke daily for 20 cigarettes, Year olds with 40 years, the risk of a heart attack of a 50 -.”

Swimming, walking, Hiking

Among the best measures to keep the heart young, regular physical activity . “Who jogs an hour a week or more, can reduce the risk for heart disease by 40 percent,” says Gohlke. “Per week, 90 minutes of moderate activity, so the movement of you can talk without effort, bring a 46 percent reduction in heart risk.”

Especially endurance sports such as Swimming, Cycling, Running or Hiking, increases the pumping capacity, promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply to the heart, lowers blood pressure and pulse.

A long-term study from Norway has even found that even in people without any heart problem only in the group of the fittest subjects, the risk for a heart attack was particularly low. Indicator of the oxygen consumption in the exercise test. In the follow-up of approximately 4500 participants, was the fittest group of almost 50 percent lower cardiac risk than those with the lowest Fitness. For Professor Gohlke is no Surprise. “Who is particularly fit, live healthy and operates this infarction-prevention.”

More fish, olive oil and a glass of wine

Fish, olive oil, lots of colorful vegetables – the pillars of the Mediterranean cuisine are the heart of protection to the food. Also a cardiologist Gohlke she sees as exemplary. “Plant materials, and especially the healthy fats are in many respects favourable to the blood vessels and prevent their calcification.”

Also, the typical glass of wine for dinner, or a beer, promotes heart health. The alcohol dilates the blood vessels, the heart is better supplied with blood. For the health effect, it should remain, however, really in the a glass.

Red meat, animal fat, sugar and salt should be consumed, however, sparingly. This food drive to either the blood pressure to go up or contribute to that in the vessels of debris build up and gradually clog.

Slim down, especially on the belly

Obesity is a major risk factor for numerous diseases, even a heart attack. The fat distribution plays a major role. The vascular belly fat that is deposited not only under the skin, but also to the organs that is particularly dangerous. It produces harmful hormones and inflammatory substances. “In men, Obesity has a waist circumference of 94 cm, in women aged 80 centimeters is critical,” warns cardiologist Gohlke.

Music, Muscle Relaxation, Meditation

Anything that reduces Stress, is considered to be beneficial for the heart. It is stressful situations that occur from time to time can handle that quite well. Stress in career or family, but for the duration of the condition, the blood pressure rises, and thereby a dangerous factor for heart and blood vessels.

A new study came to the result that Stress at work represents only a particularly heart risk, if someone has other cardiac risk factors. And there are, in turn, jeopardizes men more: In the cut, they had a 50 percent higher risk, compared to 20 percent in women.

The Check-up go

From the age of 35. Age pays the Fund every two years, a medical Check-up. The medical examination can detect the harbingers of cardiovascular disease, and the risk of heart attack minimize. Tripping or latching the heart from time to time, you should have a cardiologist look at. Because if the heart arrhythmias are not treated, increases the risk of heart attack by 60 percent.

Those who want to check his heart health, you can take the risk Test for myocardial infarction, the cardiologist Helmut Gohlke for the German heart Foundation has developed.