The WHO warns that opponents of a of the greatest health risks in the world

The world health organization (WHO) sounded the Alarm. The number of measles cases have increased in the past years to 30 percent. One reason is the growing number of opponents in industrialized Nations and in countries of the Arab world, says the WHO. Therefore, the organization has declared the opponents to one of the ten largest health risks in the world. Thus, the objectors are now such as Ebola, or air pollution, and antibiotic resistance on the list. By Seeding annual death toll could reach between two and three million people, less diseases, says the WHO. A further 1.5 million people could be saved, if they had all vaccines have access to.

In Germany, there were 2017, around 1000 measles cases. A man died, around 40 percent of the Patients had to be hospitalized. Actually, the target in Germany, the measles by 2020, to completely eradicate was. This target is significantly missed.

Text to opponents

Who wants to let his child not to vaccinate, should be able to answer these questions

People who want to have their kids vaccinated, expose it to significant health risks. A Doctor with a sharp Text carefully.

Opponents and the measles-rumor

To prevent measles outbreaks, should be around 95 per cent of the population is vaccinated. In Germany, this quota is not reached in some regions and in some age groups. Among opponents to the rumor that it is in the case of measles, only a straightforward children’s disease continues to persist. While measles are very virulent, the Transferability between people is easy. Moreover, it can lead to severe complications such as measles enzephali this, or subacute sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE).

Opponents fear vaccine damage. This rumor was supported by a sharply criticized, incorrect study, which had established a connection between autism and vaccinations. The doctor, who sent this false claim in the world, was now deprived of the work permit (The whole story you can read here.)