Vet warns: Which well-intentioned of behaviour your dog will not harm you in reality

Every pet owner wants, it is his favorite and made him stupid in front of all, protect what scares him. However, some of the animal owner, without it, serious errors. A veterinarian reveals the opposite FOCUS Online, what is the specific wrongdoing they observed in their practice.

At the vet, many animals are not feeling well. You are shaking, are looking for protection for their owners and are visibly anxious. Most owners respond with a sympathetic behavior, try to comfort your pet and to take him as the fear. But actually you are doing exactly the opposite.

“By owner defenses with a modified tone of voice, pitying your pet, give him the feeling that something is very wrong and is in danger. The animals see themselves in her fear confirmed,“ said the Doctor, Hannah K. (Name changed) from the circle Fuerstenfeldbruck.

“An animal remembers exactly when his owner behaves in a different way”

An owner of the animal to be granted protection, it’s under the jacket to hide it, or take it even on the way to the treatment room on the Arm, encouraged his sweetheart that it is right to be afraid.

“In this way, the animal learns that a visit to the vet, something Bad and something is where fear is more justified,” said the Doctor. “An animal remembers exactly when his owner behaves in a different way, and this makes for uncertainty that can amplify the stress situation of the animal.”

“That is transferred to the animal”

From the point of view of Hannah K. it is best if the owner at serene for your pet, without overdoing it. “Of course you can take care of his animal, if it is afraid. But every pet owner should pay attention, in a stress situation of the animal – whether at the vet or somewhere else – calm and Serenity radiate. Because the transfers automatically to the animal.“

“Ideally, you should speak calmly and lovingly with your honey, in the same tone of voice, how you would do it at home or when you go for a walk. You can also keep the body contact and caress,“ she said. Important it is not according to your statement, however, is to expire here in a protective, bemitleid role.

“You can Act and Speak affect the emotional state of your pet is very strong”

“Give your pet the feeling that everything is in perfect order. Then it will believe you, too, and his fear of losing.“ The Doctor further reported that some of the cases that you had in your practice, in which animals had in the beginning of a great fear, as soon as they had entered the practice only. But after they had got the owners, just normal and relaxed with your pet to deal with it alone, let the Stress of the animal very quickly.

“You can Act and Speak affect the emotional state of your pet very strong. This connection is, on the one hand very beautiful, but it also brings a responsibility, which you should be aware of,“ she said.