What are the symptoms for whooping cough speak

Whooping cough can make adults. He expresses in them, however, are often different than in children. To treat the disease properly, it is important that the doctor detects. An international team of experts has now identified the characteristic symptoms in a guideline.

Therefore, Physicians should present in adult patients with acute, i.e. a maximum of three weeks, prolonged or subacute cough (three to eight weeks), specifically the following symptoms research: paroxysmal cough, vomiting after cough attack, fever, and whistling or wheezing when Inhaled – Doctors speak of inspiratory Stridor.

Vomiting and / or Stridor does not suggest, therefore, to infection by the whooping cough agent Bordetella pertussis, fever, paroxysmal cough. The letter, the scientists led by Dr. Abigail Moore, of the University of Oxford in the journal Chest. In children with acute, i.e. a maximum of four weeks, prolonged cough vomiting speak for a whooping cough infection, but are less specific signs as in adults.

All in all, can whooping cough last from several weeks to months, and in adolescents and adults, but also in vaccinated children, only as a prolonged cough. Is treated with the antibiotics Azithromycin or Clarithromycin. Only with early administration of the antibiotics for a faster recovery and relieve the symptoms. But later the treatment with these drugs is useful because they shorten the duration of the Infectivity to approximately five days after the start of therapy. Depending on the stage of the disease the patients are up to three weeks of contagious.