What helps against psoriasis

The skin is reddened, white scales form, it itches and burns and is painful: these are signs of psoriasis, also Psoriasis. “They often occur on the elbows, knees, head or in the Po area,” says skin doctor Claudia Pföhler, who works at the University hospital of the Saarland in Homburg. Contagious psoriasis, chronic and often extremely stressful.

What is lichen the cause of dandruff?

It is estimated that around two million people in Germany have the skin disease. The predisposition to it is genetic. A family history does not necessarily mean that the psoriasis must occur. Often it takes one or several triggers. “This could be the skin injury, sunburn, Stress, certain medications, Hormonal changes or metabolic disorders,” said Pföhler.

The first signs of a Psoriasis are always a case for the doctor. Because there are diseases with similar symptoms – such as eczema or fungal infections. “To get a more reliable diagnosis, blood tests, smears, and possibly tissue samples,” explains Pföhler.

Cortisone ointments are not durable to use

What kind of therapy is useful, depends on how pronounced the symptoms are. “Mild cases of psoriasis are often treated with creams,” says Ursula seller mountain of the Federal chamber of pharmacists in Berlin. Good success to your specifications with cortisone applications. “Such creams or ointments are well tolerated, but they should not be applied over a longer period of time a day.”

Effective in psoriasis of the joints about Groundhog albums. Marmot fat contains, however, also cortisone without interruption, it should not apply to be Concerned, therefore, too long. A further option for the treatment of Psoriasis preparations containing coal tar or from extracts thereof. Such products are used in washing concentrates, Suspensions or in oil baths. “Because of its rather unpleasant smell and discoloration of the products prescribed with a coal tar but will rather rarely and if, then rather in the framework of inpatient treatment,” says seller mountain.

What is the use of Biologicals, and fumaric acid?

A therapy that can bring in more severe cases of Psoriasis within a few weeks of relief, the use of so-called Biologicals. These drugs should selectively act against the messengers of inflammation in the body. The substances are laboratory-produced proteins. “In the initial phase, the doctor injects the patient, later they injected the Patient himself,” said Pföhler. The disadvantage of Biologicals: “they are relatively expensive and come in only when other treatment attempts have nothing.”

Other preparations against psoriasis medication with fumaric acid, explains seller mountain. The acid inhibits the uncontrolled growth of skin cells and slows down the formation of dandruff and inflammation. The therapy has, however, in rare cases, side effects such as facial redness, flushing, or stomach-intestinal problems.

No matter, whether ointments, creams or drugs – a Problem remains: The treatments not only relieve the symptoms, cure is a psoriasis is.