Woman wakes up after 27 years out of the coma

The story of Munira Abdulla is a miracle. In 1991, the woman in Al Ain in the Vereinigtee Arab Emirates had a serious car accident. She suffered such severe brain injuries that she fell into a coma. 27 years later, she woke up in a hospital in the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling.

As the English-language newspaper “The National” reported, the then-32-Year-old her then four-year-old son Omar from school when the accident happened. Her son recalls: “your brother-in-law was driving, my mother sitting next to me on the back. When she saw the accident coming, clasping me, to protect me.” While Munira Abdulla was seriously injured, succumbed to her son only a bruise on the head. “There were phones, not mobile and we were able to get for hours, no ambulance,” he says.

In the hospital, then the Doctors believed according to the paper, not that you would ever open her eyes again. Abdulla was not responsive, responded not to their surroundings and had to be artificially fed. The Doctors diagnosed a minimally conscious state, similar to that of a vigil coma. Only her son did not give up hope, and sat every day at her hospital bed: “I never gave up, because I always had the feeling that she wakes up one day. Though she could not speak, I saw her face, whether she was in pain or not” – quoted by “The National” Omar Webair. “For me, it was Gold. The more time passed, the more valuable it was for me.”

The crown Prince financed therapy in Bad Aibling

Several years spent Munira Abdulla in different hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. In April 2017, the Kronprinzenhof of its history was learned, and provided a grant for a comprehensive therapy program in the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling in Bavaria. The clinic is located about 50 kilometers South of Munich and, with more than 286 beds and is one of the largest specialised neurological centres in Germany.

And here the Unexpected happened last June. “I woke up because someone called my name,” says Webair. “It was you. I was beside myself with joy. For years I have dreamed of this Moment and my Name was the first word you said.”

In the course of time, Munira Abdulla was responsive. “Now you can tell us where she is in pain and I can have conversations with her,” said the 32-Year-old. Now his mother is back in Abu Dhabi for further treatment. “I’ve made your story public, telling people that you must not lose hope on your family.” In all the years he had heard from the Doctors that his mother was a hopeless case. “But whenever I had doubts, I imagined I would be, and I’ve done everything possible to improve their condition.”

Source: “The National”